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meet glory gardens

Reedy Brooks has ten years of professional experience as a gardener and farmer and has continued training in ecological stewardship through intensive certification programs in holistic land management, permaculture design, agriscaping, and the green infrastructure. 

Her business, Glory Gardens, designs and builds ecologically regenerative gardens and green spaces that reduce flooding and contributes to the health and wealth of households by providing access to produce that is sustainably grown, nutrient dense, and marketable. 

Their focus is to “center gardens as an impactful tool for implementing a holistic approach to improving the lives of individuals and the health of communities.”

the problem

Reedy did not have a very robust online presence; no website and little traffic on social media platforms. She had been working with the Propeller Impact program to solidify the financial and operational aspect of her business, but she needed help to communicate that to the world. Hiring a marketer was not a sustainable option for her small business, so we needed to include collaboration and a bit of education into our solution in order to give Glory Gardens the tools to succeed in the future.

how we helped

We began the consultation process first by identifying the pain points she was having in her marketing, specifical not knowing where to begin, and the looming weight of social media upkeep. We worked together to identify her macro and micro marketing goals, then create two unique customer personas. We used the user flow from her customer personas to create a sitemap that allowed for easy navigation for all of her identified users. Reedy was able to write all of the copy on her own, now knowing who she was writing for and how much she had to write. We created the website on WordPress using all of the marketing and branding assets we developed, which resulted in a beautiful and highly functional marketing tool. Reedy is now able to manage Glory Gardens in a more streamlined and efficient manner.
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I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered a design based on true specs and on time. Will definitely recommend!
Jerry Freeman
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